Poesia y arte digital.

Estos dias la poesia y el arte digital casi van de la mano en Internet, se usa mucho, para representar las imagenes que surgen de los poemas y la vision del artista, aqui no incluyo poemas pero tengo un blog Palabras Libres que uso precisamente para este motivo, para exponer mis letras, no soy un escritor profesional, y escribo por placer y como catarsis, pero mis textos le gustan a cierto publico, y bueno, a mi me agrada eso tambien.

Aqui una breve muestra de lo que se incluye en ese blog: Palabras Libres, donde se incluyen poesias estilo libre, relatos breves y otros escritos.

Visitenlo si les gusta este tipo de lectura, corran la voz, se los agradecere enormemente.

Algunas de las poesias estan ilustradas con estas imagenes, pero no les digo cuales para que se entretengan un rato buscandolas.

Algunas son un tanto oscuras y surrealistas, fantasticas quizas, pero a muchos les gusta.


Don’t do I deserve a little something back??

You know some times I feel like an idiot and just frustrated and down, I always be there for my friend, always! and I mean it, every time they have a problem, sad day something really bad in their life’s, I am there for them, I been giving and giving and giving and giving so much from my part, but when I need some support, somebody to express my self about how i feel, nobody and I mean, nobodies there for me!!

I sacrifice my self so much times, I kept my depression for my self because some friend of mine need a little support, so many times I feel like all my world was teared apart, everything crumble down around me, and my so called friend knew about it, but nobody, not once, give me a call, no one came home and say hello!

Nobody some time let something for me, not once.

Yes! i am feeling down, so sad, and so pissed off, I am disappointed, does this means that I don’t deserve something back from my “friends” didn’t I deserve a little love back for what I have give to all those girls and pals?!

I haven’t suicide my self for god sakes! just because them, because they needed somebody to tell their problems and some shoulder to cry on.

Don’t do I deserve something back!? just a word!! just “look i don’t know how to help you but I AM HERE BY YOUR SIDE NO MATTER WHAT”!!???

Am I doing something wrong?? maybe I don’t deserve real friends, maybe i am so bad, and so wiked that I don’t deserve nothing but disappointment, nothing but loneliness, may be my sins are so unforgivable that I deserve that no one wants to be by my side when I most need them.

I feel so exhausted, so tired, the girls that I have loveded, broken my heart, and when I most need her, also when I was feeling so defeated, I stand up again to be with a girlfriend that just divorced, and also, just took what I gave, and left, not even say good bye.

YES! I am so f***kng mad, I feel hurt, I need something that makes me feel good, something that cheer me up, that gives me something to keep on.

WHY?? heavenly father, WHY?? am I so sinful and wiked that I am just condemned to swallow everybody elses demons and fears and help them, but never receive something back for my self??

Do fight with those demons was so unforgivable? does sacrifice my fate of glory and fame and all the gifts you gave me for somebody betrayed us both was so unforgivable?

I need somebody, a friend, a lover, sorry guys, I think I will leave this site for some time, I don’t know how long, I really feel depressed, with no inspiration at all, with no creativity at all.

And the most frustrating thing of all this, is that I can’t cry, i am not able to cry!! I know I need to cry, and don’t know why.